Saturday, October 06, 2007

Himalayan Film Festival, London

PANI is showing at the Himalayan Film Festival in School of Oriental and African Studies, London on October 13. Please go if you can!

Saturday Films (13th Oct)
The Living of Jogimara 7pm
A film about 17 young men from Jogimara village in Dhading district who were killed by security forces while they were building an airport in Kalikot.
[Dir. Mohan Mainali, 38mins]

The Living of Jogimara - The Wait Continues 7:50pm
This is the follow up to the first film to bring us up to date with what has happened in the same small village in Dhading.
[Dir. Mohan Mainali, 14mins]

Operation free voice 8:10pm
Hasta Gurung’s documentary is a chronology of the crackdown on the media after the February 2005 military coup by the king. Overnight, newsrooms were turned into barracks, there was direct censorship and FM stations were not allowed to broadcast news. Operation Free Voice documents the stories of the journalists in the frontlines, how they struggled to uphold their freedom, defied controls and then used media’s power to restore democracy.
[Dir. Hasta Gurung, 43mins]

Pani (Water) 9pm
This video presentation shows the very lively discussions between the inhabitants of the rural Nepali village, Lele, about the daily problems of their water supply system and its management. It follows the growing conflict in the community after a water pipe and tap system was installed. Gender and caste differences play a vital part in the disputes as women and lower caste members are excluded from decision making even though they are the principal users. The video tracks the wide disparity in control and communication revealing frustrations that result in the pipe being cut and maintenance fees unpaid. The lesson portrayed is that even small scale models of development will not work unless traditional social infrastructure, especially gender biases and cultural discrimination, are addressed by donors and local managers.
[Dir. Sushma Joshi, 28mins]

Suk Bahadur Adhikari 9:30pm
After a life spent working as a driver in the British India Government, 79 year old Sukh Bahadur Adhikari has returned home to his village in rural Nepal. At the age when most are content with retirement, Sukh Bahadur sets on the path to fulfill his dreams of pursuing a school education at the age of 79. He attends the local school sitting next to his granddaughter in class 4, and they sit alongside at home completing their assignments. Though lacking formal education, Sukh Bahadur is a man of wisdom and his insights into the nuances of life, religion, culture and development are thrilling to watch. This film provides a heart touching glimpse into the life of a man and his quest for education.
[Dir. Dil Bhusan Pathak, 24mins]

*All films are in English or with English subtitles.
**Please also note that seats are limited and those that arrive first will take priority.