Sunday, December 21, 2008

Participatory Video

This book, by Shirley A. White, mentions PANI (Water) in the book.

The potential of new information and communications technologies is acknowledged by all today. This book examines the importance of participatory video as a catalyst for development. It shows how powerful video images have been used to promote changes in attitudes and social behaviour, helping communities identify development solutions that are within their reach. Video has been used to reach policymakers, to empower women and to rescue the culture and heritage of indigenous people. As a mediation tool, the power of video has been used to resolve conflicts, achieve consensus and find common ground for collective action. This book brings together practical information on innovative experiences with the use of participatory video. It contains a thoughtful analysis of some essential issues to be taken into account in planning and implementing video processes.

Participatory Video: Images that Transform and Empower
By Shirley A. White
Published by Sage Publications, 2003
ISBN 0761997636, 9780761997634
412 pages

From Video Voice Collective Blog:

Professor White’s book is an incredible contribution to practitioners of participatory video. It is one of perhaps 3-4 books written on this subject; an early adapter extraordinaire that is sure to be followed by a flood of books on participatory video in the coming years! Professor White’s book reminds us that we are arriving at a truly miraculous era of participatory media and culture. We have a lot to be thankful for because it has never been easier to collaborate, produce, and distribute videos with communities across the globe.