Thursday, May 28, 2009

Judge at the NIIFF (Nepal Indigenous Film Festival), 2009

I was invited to be a judge at the Nepal Indigenous Film Festival in 2009.

 The NIIFF is organized by the Indigenous Film Archives, one of the most democratic and well respected film organizations in Nepal. IFA has organized 7 film festivals and shown a wide-ranging selection of films from all ethnic and indigenous groups of Nepal.

NIIFF 2009

  NIIFF 2009 was organized with the following objectives; 
1.   Promote and help in the development of indigenous films
2.      Provide forum to indigenous filmmakers to show their skills, capacity and learning
3.     Provide learning environment on indigenous issues and showcase them; 
4.    Help to promote market of indigenous films and 
5.   Support in creation of cultural harmony among different societies.

You can view the archives in this link.