Sunday, March 10, 2013

Burma on My Mind, directed by Sushma Joshi

“Burma on My Mind” is a journey and pilgrimage through the heart of
Myanmar’s Gorkhali community.

How do Hindus and Buddhists co-exist and live in present day Myanmar?
Where do they go to seek spiritual transcendence?

What conflicts arise in their search for religious identity? And how
can the words of the Buddha provide an answer, and a pathway to peace,
to the faultlines that have sprung up in this tight-knit community?

The documentary is available in its full length form on Youtube. Your feedback is highly appreciated! If you'd like to use the documentary for teaching purposes, please drop me an email at

Click here to see "Burma on My Mind" on Youtube.
The documentary has been viewed by an audience of 37,000.

I presented the article associated with this documentary
"The Religious Life of the Gorkhalis of Myanmar"
at the conference on religion and diaspora at Oxford University in 2012.
The article will be published in an anthology on religion and dispora, edited by Sondra Hausner and David Gellner, and published by the Oxford University Press, in 2013.

 You can download and read the associated article at smashwords: