Sunday, September 28, 2014

Supportive Men: the documentary

In Nepal, men and women are involved in various ways to shift norms and relationships toward gender equality. This documentary focuses on one community in Kapilvastu, Southern Nepal, to show how men and couples are changing the way they interact with one another to bring about social change, and also how men are supporting women’s movement for empowerment and gender equality.  


Mr. Dube is a young man in his late twenties who lives in Kapilvastu, Nepal. He has taken part in a gender equality training given by a local NGO, in partnership with an INGO. He is married and has two sons. In his small community, Mr. Dube has become an inspirational figure who has managed to change the behavior of not just the younger men, but also the older men of his community, who now cook, help with housework and childcare, and support  their spouses in a way that was unthinkable even a few years ago. Persuading the men to change their behavior takes a lot of work, but Mr. Dube is not willing to give up, despite the difficulties and suspicions of a small community. Clearly its a happier community, with new changes!

I shot this documentary in May 2014.

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Director: Sushma Joshi

Camera: Jeevan Shrestha

Assistant camera: Manoj Subedi

Post-production co-ordination: Rebina and Biswas Bajracharya

Editor: Bijan Bajracharya

Funded by CARE Nepal, CARE USA, CARE Austria, CARE Norway